Merchant Protocol: Using Value To Build Customer Relationships. A Conversion Rate Optimization Agency.

“Conversion Rate Optimization for E-commerce Stores That


Increases Online Revenues and Reduces Advertising Costs…”

(Without Breaking The Bank)

“Conversion Rate Optimization for E-commerce Stores That

Increases Online Revenues and Reduces Advertising Costs…”

(Without Breaking The Bank)

What Is

Conversion Rate Optimization…?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Is A System For Increasing The Percentage Of Visitors To A Website That Convert Into Paying Customers.

Marketing focuses solely on increasing the number of visitors to the website.

Merchant Protocol began offering Conversion Rate Optimization in addition to Marketing so that E-commerce Store Owners like you, could receive a guaranteed return on their investment.

  • Guide your visitors step-by-step through the sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave).
  • Focus on building trust through actual relationships which translate into more sales, more often.
  • Create consistent and congruent offers that target buying objections, so that your cold audience will experience an offer they cannot refuse.
  • Implement remarketing to remind your customers about those offers which interest them most.
  • Develop a marketing campaign designed to provide value to the community which begins the foundation of a trusting relationship.

Merchant Protocol Is A

Full Service CRO Agency

Holistic CRO of The Flow, The Style, The Copy, and The Social Proof.

Our Experience Extends The Full Gamut. From Fully Customized Webservers For Speed To Sales Scripts For Customer Service Reps.

  • Increased Revenues $180,000/mo By Adding Social Proof.
  • Increased Lifetime Value 300% By Adding Subscriptions.
  • Increased Conversion Rate 1/2% By Optimizing The Checkout Style.
  • Increased Revenues $100,000/mo Just By Speeding Up Page Rendering.
  • Imagine Revenue With Twice The Profit And Three Times The Orders.

We Focus On Your

Greatest Opportunities!

Three Weeks To Get 0.5% Or One Day To Get A 2% Increase?

A CRO Opportunity Assessment By Merchant Protocol Will Identify Your Greatest Opportunity.

  • Opportunity exists within current traffic if the store is not already converting at 10%.
  • Opportunity exists when the store takes longer than 2 seconds to load.
  • Opportunity exists if the store is not maximizing upsells before and after checkout.
  • Opportunity exists when the store is not capturing 80% of emails from cold traffic.
  • Opportunity exists within the product descriptions when the value offering is poor.

100% Money-Back Guarantee | Risk Free

We’re so confident in our ability to increase your revenue that we Guarantee 100% of your Money-Back if we have not paid for ourselves within the first 60 days.

Working with Merchant Protocol is a completely Risk Free endeavor.

Profit Then Scale It With

Relationship Marketing

Evergreen Content That Builds Trust Will Snowball Traffic, Not Costs

After Maximizing Your E-commerce Funnel Profits The Next Logical Step Is To Nurture New Customers Via Social Media Channels And Drive The Ready Buyers to Your Store.

  • Step One Nurture Relationships By Telling Your Brand’s Story On Social Media.
  • Step Two Represent Your Brand By Interacting With Your Audience.
  • Step Three Make Your Products Visible Through Omni-Channel Distribution.
  • Step Four Remarket To Your Warmest Audience First For The Greatest Marketing Opportunity.
  • Step Five Generate As Much Social Proof As Possible.

Delighting Your Customers With

Great Customer Service

Get The Tools You Need To Handle Every Relationship Perfectly

We Develop Customer Service Campaigns That Turn Customers Into Promoters Through Referrals And Testimonials.

  • Use technology that captures every bit of customer communication online in one place.
  • Use surveys to assess the relationship that your customers have with your brand.
  • Always follow up with your customers to get the review.

Get Your CRO Assessment

We’ll Identify Your Biggest Opportunities To Make The Most Money In The Shortest Time Possible.

What I’ve Learned In Over Two Decades Of Conversion Rate Optimization:

From The Desk Of Jack Byrdziak

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. September 12th, 2019

I’ve been building websites since 1997, doing new implementations and customizations.

With my Software Engineering background it’s always been easy to know where I can optimize the user experience for big conversion rate gains.

There’s a huge difference between making an existing product more successful and making a new product successful for the first time.

A few years ago I decided to launch my own store from scratch. I learned pretty quickly that getting your first sales are incredibly hard.

I took course after course teaching dropshipping, facebook ads and copywriting. I was determined to figure this out.

Sales slowly grew over time to the tune of $60k per year, but it wasn’t easy. When I began to handle customer service, I began to understand why sales were coming in.

Customers have a lot of objections about purchasing online, is the company going to run away with my money? Are they going to run away with my credit card number? Am I going to get the product I think I’m buying? When am I going to get it? What if it doesn’t work for me? Maybe I can find a better price elsewhere…

Sales began to come in and grow as I accounted for these objections in my product descriptions and throughout the checkout process.

Money-Back Guarantees, Securely encrypted checkouts, A product offering that included more than just the product, showing the human faces behind the website, showing customer testimonials to prove we’re as legit as we seem.

What I learned launching my own store was invaluable to my current success as a Senior Conversion Rate Specialist.

It’s always been about building trust with your customers. You do that through solving their concerns and objections throughout their interactions with your store.

That is the key to all conversion rate increases, trust and an offer they are excited to buy.

All the best,

“Jack by far know’s more then anyone I’ve met about SEO and internet marketing. His work is top notch and results are extraordinary. Simply said, the proof is in the pudding.

If you’re looking for top notch internet marketing or SEO work, hire him immediately. You pay for what you get, and you’re going to get the best service and quality work out there. “

Matthew Weitzman

– MJW Media and Co Founder @ Swarm Digital

“Your work rate is impressive!”

Mike Cleek

– Relief Factor, LLC

Here’s What You’ll Get As A Customer:

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Using your existing traffic we’ll increase the number of people who purchase.

  • We’ll run hundreds of tests to find the most optimal configuration.

  • We have custom built software as well as third party software designed to increase conversions.

  • We will segment only a small portion of your overall traffic to run tests.

  • So much more…

We’ve Created Millions In Revenue 💸 💸 💸

Funnel Optimization

  • Offering synergistic products just prior to the checkout increases checkout totals.

  • Showing One-time-offers just after checkout converts nearly 40% of the time.

  • Order bumps on the product, cart and checkout page have an average conversion of 20%.

  • Using personalized drip emails to encourage return customers works as well as abandoned cart emails.

300% Increases In Sales

Relationship Marketing

  • Showing brand stories to customers before the product offer increases conversion 50% from cold traffic.

  • Build your email list from cold traffic, not from purchasers will increase your email list size by 90%.

  • Using organic evergreen relationship building content to warm up your audience will reduce your ad spend 80%.

We’ve Nurtured Millions of Connections 👤 👤 👤

Customer Relationship Optimization

  • Doing unexpected things for existing customers makes them feel special and gets them talking to their friends.

  • Follow up with all of your customers to determine the strength of relationship you’ve created.

  • Turn regular customers into promoters, advertisers, and referral generators.

We’ve Generated Tens Of Thousands Of Reviews

We’re Offering An Incalculable Amount Of Value

With A Guaranteed Return On Investment

And A 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

There’s Literally No Risk

Get Your Free CRO