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Digital Marketing Done With You
From Jonathon Byrdziak (Me) ...

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get
With Our Digital Marketing Program:

Team Onboarding Call With Jonathon Byrdziak
Start your year strong with a call from one of the Merchant Protocol Coaches. You’ll get access to all your files and simple management systems. Share your goals and get guidance on the best way to approach your marketing with us.
(VALUE: $298)

Define Your Marketing Message
You'll have a clearly defined marketing message that targets the buying triggers of your audience.
(A message that converts: priceless)
Conduct Deep Market Research
You'll know exactly what your customers want from you. You'll be able to pivot quickly and always stay relevant to your customers needs.
(Knowing what your customers want: priceless)
Accurate Analytics And Campaign Reporting
You'll throw away "hope marketing" tactics when you have the exact revenue numbers from every dollar spent. This will give you the ability to increase marketing spend where it returns the must revenue.
(Knowing what's working: priceless)
A Value Ladder Built Around Your Core Offer
With accurate customer research in our hands we'll create a solid core offer that your business will grow around. A value ladder will naturally come together around your core offer to create a comprehensive revenue growth plan.
(Maximizing lifetime value: priceless)
A Custom Website And Sales Funnels
Having an effective website and set of sales funnels will maximize the number of customers that checkout. It will also increase the revenue generated from every customer who purchases.
(Optimized for maximum conversions: priceless)
A Nurtured And Growing Customer List
Having an Audience is imperative to your success in the digital world. No longer are customers walking by your store front, now they surf by your content. We'll put the tools in place that you need to nurture and grow a massive online customer list. The money is in the list.
(Having a powerful influence: priceless)
Solid Advertising ROI Through Re-Marketing
Generate an immediate return on investment when we target the low hanging sales fruit. The first campaigns we deploy will have the highest return on investment available for your company.
(Advertising that's profitable: priceless)
Cold Audience Marketing That Draws New Customers
When we're done with this phase you'll have a marketing message that is congruent with your core offer. You'll have the marketing vehicle fueled with purpose to draw large new crowds of customers to your business.
(The ability to scale endlessly: priceless)
Weekly Live Audibles & Q&A
Each week we'll do a group live audible where you'll get to see the marketing plans for other companies come together.
(Getting a different perspective: priceless)
Access To The Private Marketing Community
This private, members-only group is where you bring your questions and get direct help from colleagues and experts. Collaborate with other business owners, attend the live calls, and celebrate your progress and sales.
(Direct access to experience: Priceless!)
The Daily Marketing Mix Newsletter
At The Daily Marketing Mix we know you want a lifestyle of freedom to enjoy your time, family, and travel. In order to do that, you need a clear marketing system to show you what you need to do and how to do it.

The problem is there are a lot of shiny tactics distracting your focus on a clear marketing, advertising and sales approach. Without sufficient marketing experience you’re left feeling uncertain and even desperate. Some have even said depressed and on the edge of crying.

We believe that you should have confidence in your marketing and in your business which is why we have created the daily marketing mix newsletter using scientifically proven marketing tactics that are used by all of the major brands.

(Keeping up with the trends: Priceless!)
[ 60-Minute Classes Each Week]
12 Months Of WEEKLY Live Trainings
If you're like most people this whole ecommerce thing hasn't CLICKED yet. Even successful ecommerce store owners haven't always figured out the marketing side of their business.

That's why I will personally teach you how to properly market your ecommerce website using paid traffic sources to drive unlimited traffic. I'll even teach you how to get all of your marketing paid for!

There's nothing else out there like live, relevant marketing training directed at your situation from an Ecommerce Marketing Consultant.
(VALUE: $4,998)
This is your chance to work one-on-one with an experienced digital marketing agency and transform your marketing plan for the years to come.
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