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From The Desk Of: Jonathon Byrdziak

Where: Austin, Texas
Subject: This Little-Known Process Will Uncover The Exact Steps to Maximum Revenue
I've been working with e-commerce stores since 1995. Either implementing new software or optimizing successful brands.

Early on I attempted many of my own e-commerce brands but could never figure out the keys to success for a brand new store with a brand new product.

Sure I knew what it took to make an already successful brand more money, but I couldn't figure out how to create a winning brand from scratch. Until....

It wasn't until I began working for and studying successful product brands that I discovered something they all did really well.
It wasn't the color of their checkout buttons, whether or not they had a one-page checkout or whether or not they used product videos.
What all these brands had in common is not something the conversion rate specialists are even talking about!
However, all of these companies had huge conversion rates, 5 to 10 to 15% conversion rates. Sometimes on ugly websites with terrible user experiences.

So what were they all doing differently?

Can you imagine having a 15% conversion rate on any ad you ran, no matter the marketing platform?

Here's what these brands had in common, context. They all knew how to speak to their customers, on their customer's level.

Most companies talk about themselves, but these insanely successful brands were having a conversation with their customers.

So how do you have a conversation through copy on a page?

First, you have to know your customer almost better than they know themselves. You have to write your copy in a way that targets the customer's problems, their fears, and their pains.

After agitating their problems you'll need to follow up targeting the solutions, benefits and desires.
When you're able to explain the problem to your customer better than they understand it, they'll trust you as an expert.
None of this is possible without thorough market research.

Merchant Protocol uses this little-known market research process to uncover exactly what tactics are needed to increase revenue. No matter what volume your business is doing.

We use this methodology to help e-commerce brands of all sizes turn their businesses around and find success that they control.

The following information on this page will help you break through your ceiling.

All the best,
- Jonathon Byrdziak
Clients we've worked with
Clients we've worked with
For e-commerce owners generating zero to 9-figures

Harness Our Revenue Unlocking Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

...even if you're not technically savvy!

A Shopify Theme Brought To You By The #1 Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Launch A High-Converting E-commerce Store in Minutes With The Amplify Theme for Shopify
We get it, there are a lot of things to consider when launching a new e-commerce store.

- Which software is the best for me?
- What's it going to take to get my first sale?
- Does this stuff even work for my situation?
- Isn't the market already saturated?

Because we continually hear these concerns from our customers we decided to do something about it.

We've outlined the entire marketing process for you, so that you're fully informed as to the best direction for your situation.

Additionally, we've built this theme on Shopify because it's the fastest to launch and most affordable to launch platform for making money through e-commerce.

Here are a few benefits:
  • Literally The Fastest Loading Theme Available we spent most of our time optimizing the speed and clean usability of this Amplify theme.
  • ​Implements The Latest In Web Application Technology making Amplify the most advanced theme possible, saving you tens of thousands in software development costs.
  • ​Offers Hundreds of Optimizations to increase the conversion rate of first time prospects.

Ecommerce Marketing And Media Buying, Paid On Performance

Take Control Of Your Marketing And Breakthrough The Revenue Ceiling
If Ecommerce Marketing were easy everybody would be successful. Fortunately for our agency, ecommerce marketing is difficult. It's the #1 cause of businesses failing in the united states, due to lack of sales.

Look at Blockbuster and Sears, two giants that were destroyed over night because of they ignored the powers of ecommerce. Their revenue's plummeted and they were all but gone within a couple years.

Forget succeeding, if you want to stay in business you must learn how effectively market in 2020.

Here are a few benefits that make our ecommerce marketing strategy superior to the competition.
  • Market Research uncovers your competition's tactics and identifies the precise steps you need to take to come out on top.
  • Tailored Sales Copyrighting targets the emotions of your prospects, building a relationship of trust and authority to close the deal.
  • Sales ​Funnel Development that implements an entire process, including upsells and downsells to maximize the cart value of new prospects.
  • Offer Creation packs so much value into your offers that prospects would feel stupid to not buy from you.
Stay relevant, stay in business and grow like you're the only one marketing.

Reliable Software Development For Ecommerce Stores

Scale Your Brand Through Automated Processes, Programmed To Optimize Your Business
The problem is finding a company you can trust. One that won't leave you with a broken codebase and outstanding invoices...   months after the planned launch date.

We've been writing software for more than two decades. We've heard the horror stories. We do our own hiring, we know how difficult it is to find the right developers.

For every developer we've hired, we've interviewed 400. We get it.

You need somebody that's going to complete the job when the say they're going to, at the cost they said it would take.

Our software development process eliminates project risks and launches the MVP in the first phase.

We're senior developers, certified in our craft, no bullshit. Just done right.

Here are a few projects we've recently finished.
  • Omni-Channel Product Distribution broadens your sales pipeline while unifying your companies efforts.
  • A Progressive Web Application broadens your websites distribution, while stabilizing it and accelerating it's loading times.
  • Creating A Localized Copy Of Your Brand for each culturally specific region of the world will expand your brand globally.
  • ​Optimizing Specific Business Processes within your organization to stabilize the accuracy and efficacy of your employees.
Contact Jonathon today for a free consultation regarding your scaling requirements.
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The world of E-commerce is evolving rapidly and no one person is able to keep up with it all. Join the Amplify E-commerce Community to gain access to ongoing mentorship, group trainings, real-time feedback on your situation, private software, revenue driving resources, security information and the latest in E-commerce technology.

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