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Inbound Sales Closers
Our team of sales closers will meet with your prospects and convert them to customers with a high conversion rate. We use tactical empathy to build up an internal pressure to buy your products and services, resulting in the highest conversion rates with the happiest prospects. We manage the closers and you only pay a commission on the deals we close for you.
Being able to tell a story is beneficial, but it doesn't always lead to a sale. We use a methodical customer research process to understand your customer before they even know they have a problem. Then we craft a message to walk them to your order form, pull out their credit card and become a loving customer.
Sales Funnel Implementation & Optimization
Using the information gathered from our inbound closers that you have had working for you, we'll be able to develop a sales funnel that produces a higher quality lead and increases the conversion rates. We connect with your prospects on an emotional level and get them excited about your offer.
In-Market Audiences You Can Market To
That's right, let us produce for you a data file of leads that are all in the market to make a purchase of your product or service right now. We grade the list from 0-10 based upon their intent to purchase and update the file every 25 minutes. Use it for cold email marketing or social media remarketing.
Artificial Intelligence Email Re-Marketing
Plug your audience into our email marketing system that learns what type of content each individual prefers to engage and interact with. The system then tailors the messaging to the individual for maximum results. Use it for cold email marketing, or abandon cart campaigns for maximum ROI.
Anonymous Web Traffic Identity Resolution
That's right, we own and operate a proprietary Identity Resolution solution system. Tracking 1.5 Billion devices around the internet at any given moment, and associating those devices with our database of 266 Million U.S. Consumers. Drop our pixel on your website and double your revenue over night.
creating saas companies customers love
Software Development
It's not enough to find a development company who can write great code, let alone finish your project. You need an A-Team of engineers capable of creating something few other companies have ever tried. Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data will create something that nobody else can compete with
Our team has completely automated the development operations functions of setting up autoscaling server resources that don't break the bank. We can have your project publicly available within 24 hours and begin software development the next day.
We help business owners who are sick and tired of building somebody else's wealth. Escape the 9-to-5 rat race and launch your own passive income business online.
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